Will N-Power Pay Today 27th November 2023 As Rumored

Will N-Power Pay Today 27th November 2023 As Rumored

In today's Latest Npower News, stipends payment news, we will be discussing the viral rumored information circulating online that payment of the backlog of 9 months will be paid today the 27th of November 2023. Read on to know the truth about this circulated information

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Firstly before we proceed, note that any information regarding the Npower programme that is not officially communicated by the N-Power management is termed as false until it is proven to be true.

Though the Npower management team confirmed that payment of 9 months of Outstanding debt owed to Beneficiaries will be made by November 2023, but they did not fix a specific date for the payment.

So for the past few days, there was a rumor circulating on social media that the payment of the 9-month Outstanding stipends will be paid on the 27th of this month which is today. And then some of you began to ask if N-Power management would pay today

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As regards this rumor, we will advise you to stay calm and Wait patiently to receive your payment when as when due. Do not put your hopes high on the date today! If the payment comes today, good! If not, wait patiently.

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