AITBankNG And 3MTT MGT Discuss Low-nterest Device Financing For Fellows

AITBankNG And 3MTT MGT Discuss Low-Interest Device Financing For Fellows

The Honourable Minister of Communications, Innovation, and Digital Economy Dr Bosun Tijani has stated that. they had an excellent meeting with the team from the Alternative Bank Nigeria (AItBankNg), a subsidiary of Sterling Bank Nigeria led by their CMO, Jerry Sawyer, to discuss a potential partnership with our 3MTT program.

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According to the Minister, they discussed the possibility of providing low-interest device financing for our fellows and also investing in those who ultimately decide to build their own businesses.

We also explored a collaboration to support us with internships and job placements for 3MTT fellows, he stated.

The Alternative Bank is a really interesting model and I enjoy their openness and innovative thinking. Looking forward to a productive relationship with them, HM Dr Bosun Tijani concluded.

The 30,000 fellows Who were selected in the first phase of the 3MTT program started their learning journey on the 3MTT portal a few days ago.

Community Resources were also provided in the 3mtt portal for other Applicants to familiarize themselves with topics related to their part. See details here 3MTT Learning Portal Goes Live With 12 Community Resources

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