FG Launched Build-A-Thon Program For Students

FG Launched Build-A-Thon Program For Students

The Federal Government of Nigeria have launch a program called Build-A-Thon, an initiative of FMCIDENigeria in partnership with the RaspberryPi_org, that will introduce senior secondary school students to the maker culture.

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Over 4 days in January 2024, 1,500 students in 3 locations - Owerri, Maiduguri and Abeokuta - will engage with trainers in an immersive learning experience designed to cultivate critical thinking, teamwork and problem-solving skills as they build innovative projects.


1. Showcase innovative projects

2. Recognize achievements

3. Foster future collaboration

4. Inspire future leaders

5. Promote lifelong learning

The Build-A-Thon initiative is part of FG strategic plan to promote early-technology adoption to shape tomorrow's innovation leaders.

Further information can found on https://build-a-thon.fmcide.gov.ng

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