How To Watch 3MTT Program Webinars On YouTube With Cheap Data

How To Watch 3MTT Program Webinars On YouTube With Cheap Data

In today's Latest 3MTT program news, ahead to the start date of 4th of December, 2023, we will be discussing How To Watch 3MTT Program Webinars On YouTube with Cheap YouTube Data subscriptions specifically focusing on Glo and MTN, two of the biggest mobile network operators in the country

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The management of the 3 Million Technical Talent Programme 3MTT has held a couple of webinars on YouTube and most of the applicants of the program were invited to attend the webinar but due to data some of you were unable to attend these educative webinars

So we decided to create this post to show you how to subscribe to the YouTube data plan so that you can watch the webinars before the commencement of the 3mtt program training proper. So let's get to the point!

In the first part, we'll break down the different types of YouTube data plans available on Glo and MTN, including daily, weekly, and monthly and we'll walk you through the USSD method to subscribe to YouTube data plans on both Glo and MTN. From USSD codes.

Glo YouTube Data Subscription Plan

1. YouTube Volume Based:

a. #50 = 100mb 1 day.

b. #100 = 200mb 30 days

c. #500 = 1.5gb 30 days.

d. #1000 = 4 GB 30 days

2. YouTube Time based.

a. #50 =1hr 1day

b. #130 = 3hrs 1day

c. #200 = 7hrs Night

d. #500 = 10hrs 5days

e. #1000 = 30hrs 10days

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To subscribe to Glo YouTube Data plan, follow the steps below:

a. Dial the code *312#

b. Select buy data

c. Select Proceed (one-off)

d. Select social bundles

Check the number 1 and 2 plans above to see which plan is best for you.

MTN YouTube Data Subscription Plan

#100 = 3509MB

To subscribe for MTN YouTube data, dial *312#, select Social bundle, and select YouTube to subscribe.

Once you have subscribed for the preferred YouTube data plan, kindly go to https://www.youtube.com/@FMCIDENigeria/streams to watch the 3MTT program webinars that you may have missed. Make sure you are watching via the YouTube mobile app.

Finally, to save money on your data subscription. You need to monitor your data usage, identify hidden data drains, and optimize your settings for maximum efficiency.

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