MusicFX And TextFX Google AI Tools That Generate Music

MusicFX And TextFX Google AI Tools That Generate Music

Google is testing 2 new tools MusicFX And TextFX AI Tools That can Generate Music in 4 countries namely: USA, Kenya, New Zealand and Australia! Users in the launched countries can now try out the 2 Google's tools: MusicFX, and TextFX.

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With these tools, you can use text to turn an idea into music, and text. When you use these tools, you'll see generative Al technology firsthand. Keep in mind that this technology has its own set of challenges since the responses can be inaccurate or inappropriate. We've added multiple layers of protection to minimize these risks, but we haven't eliminated them, days Google.

Try MusicFX here https://aitestkitchen.withgoogle.com/tools/music-fx

Try TextFX here https://aitestkitchen.withgoogle.com/tools/text-fx

According to the users limits information, to ensure everyone can try out the tools, each user is limited to a certain number of daily generations. If you’ve hit your limit, try out a different tool or come back the next day.

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