N-Power Volunteers Lament Low Turnout In December 13th Protest

N-Power Volunteers Lament Low Turnout In December 13th Protest

In today's Latest Npower News, the N-Power Volunteers Lament Low Town Out On December 13th, 2023 Protest that was scheduled to be held across the country to agitate for Npower Beneficiaries 9 months Outstanding stipends payment.

Though the protest was conducted, the turnout was very poor, and some of the volunteers who turned out spoke about how they felt about the situation.

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One of the protesters said: It is so bad that we can only rant on social media and when it comes to taking action we are weak, having one excuse or the other. Bayelsa State no single soul showed up leaving me alone under the sun.

They had more precious things to do and I am jobless. I got to the State House of Assembly at 8:am and waited for others to come, thinking they would show up but none. I left there for the govt house by 12. pm so I was there for over 4 hours waiting.

He further narrates his experience today by saying, I got to the govt house gate with my cardboard paper. I greeted the policemen and other security agents, and they asked me who I was, I quickly told them the reason why I had come and they asked where are the others, I didn't know what to say. So I was asked to leave the premises immediately.

They feel I am an impersonator, How can one person in the name of protest visit the govt house? They also see me as an unserious fellow, and with shame, I left the environment.

Some of the protesters in other states narrate similar experiences.

Nonetheless, the N-Power management has earlier promised that they will soon pay Beneficiaries 9 months Outstanding stipends. According to them, payment glitches are being cleared. Read details here N-Power Backlog Payment Glitches Currently Being Cleared - Minister

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