Latest Update On Federal Fire Service FFS Recruitment 2024

Latest Update On Federal Fire Service FFS Recruitment 2024

According to the latest information released by FFS management, Applicants for Federal Fire Service Recruitment who applied for the Position of Assistant Superintendent of Fire (CONPASS 08) are hereby informed that all application submitted remains Valid despite the early removal of the option for further applications on the portal.

Multiple application by candidates remains frowned at, and the CDCFIB retains it’s policy of cancellation of such while the Candidate could risk chances of consideration.

The only application channel remains the cdcfib.career portal and application remains entirely free.

You may want to also check out the Link To Apply For Federal Fire Service FFS Recruitment 2024

Further inquiries and concerns can be submitted to CDCFIB Support channels.

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  1. Good morning admin please am praise tochi Emmanuel i applied for FFS with SSCE in position of Assistant fire service compass 04 please i really need this job .

  2. I can login in to my dashboard, its says error. Pls help


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