Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semifinals Battle Message

Nigeria Vs South Africa AFCON 2023 Semifinals Battle Message

In today's Latest Npower discussion group sports news, AFCON 2023 semifinals between Nigeria Super Eagles and South Africa Bafana Bafana, we will be updating you on the semifinals battle message and numbers of matches won and lost between these 2 countries in the last 10 matches played. So keep reading:

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Today Wednesday 7th of February 2024, the rivalry between Afrobeats and Amapiano Country Nigeria and South Africa continues and this time, they will be battling this on the field of Football where both countries will be competing in AFCON 2023 semifinals for a place in the AFCON finals.

So far so good, the Nigeria Super Eagles have won the Bafana Bafana of South Africa 4 times, lost 2 times, and drew 4 times, while South Africa Bafana Bafana won 2 times in the last 10 Matches played with Nigeria.

While the South Africans are calling on the whole country to rally behind Bafana Bafana, the Nigerian supporters have sent a strong message to the South African supporters ahead of the semifinal match.

According to the Nigerian supporters, AFCON is meant to unite us, not create a rift and cause rancor and acrimony. Regardless of the result, Xenophobic attacks are never a safe haven.

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