FG Releases Statement On Bullying of a Student at LBIS Abuja

FG Releases Statement On Bullying of a Student at LBIS Abuja

The Federal Ministry Of Education Office of the Director has released an Official Statement on Bullying of a Student at Lead British International School, Abuja.

According to the Federal Ministry of Education, they have become aware of an online video detailing seemingly instances of bullying at Lead British International School. We view these incidence with utmost gravity and express our dismay and profound concern for the safety of all students within our educational establishments.

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Bullying in any manifestation contravene the fundamental rights and dignity of our young learners. Accordingly, the Ministry has initiated an investigation into the matter and will work closely with pertinent stakeholders to ensure culprits are brought to book to stop such unwholesome practices, the Ministry of Education stated.

The paramount objective remains the safeguarding and wellbeing of every student and ensures a learning environment that is devoid of any form of violence and intimidation by whosoever.

The Ministry will henceforth ensure a vigilant monitoring of negative practices in the schools as individual are also encouraged to report any incidences of violence and intimidations.

Source: Folasade Boriowo Director Press and PR Ministry of Education

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