Today's Latest FGLoanGrant PCGS News For April 2024

Today's Latest FGLoanGrant PCGS News For April 2024

In today's Latest FGLoanGrant News For April 2024, we will be discussing some of the important things you should know about the Presidential Conditional Grant Scheme PCGS. So keep reading!

We have seen a lot of the FGLoanGrant applicants and prospective applicants asking questions like: when is the payment commencing, is the registration still open?

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In view of this, we have decided to create this post to give you insight on the latest information about the PCGS FGLoanGrant scheme.

Payment: The payment has commenced for those whose NIN Verification has been processed and it is an ongoing thing. If you have not received yet and you are eligible, you will get yours soon.

NIN Verification: According to the management, NIN Verification is a criteria to get paid and as soon as you get your NIN update, the earlier your payment gets processed. Read also Alternative Method For FGLOANGRANT NIN Verification

FGLoanGrant Registration: According to management, there are some states which are yet to field up the application allocated to them as such, the portal has been reopened for such states to field their application.

Applicant should not that application under the FGLOANGRANT scheme are different, loan applicants can login to the portal to update their NIN while the grant applicants can follow the link provided to update their NIN.

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