Africans Tales: Story Of A Beautiful African Girl Journey Across Nigeria

Africans Tales: Story Of A Beautiful African Girl's Journey Across Nigeria

Nigeria is a colorful and historical country with diverse cultures in West Africa. This is a nation where more than 500 languages are spoken and various tribes cohabitate each with its distinct customs.

A young girl named Amara from the Igbo tribe lived in Lagos and ventured out to explore what was so beautiful about her nation’s diversity. As an Igbo girl, she came from a tribe famous for being business-oriented and staging colorful festivals. She therefore went out carrying a backpack filled with curiosity to learn about other cultures within her homeland.

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She first landed in Kano, an ancient city where Hausa residents warmly received her. This place had amazing buildings that fascinated the young girl and melodic sounds produced by talking drums. They taught her about ties of community and family that are inherent in their culture.

Afterward, Amara moved on to Niger Delta’s riverine areas and met Ijaw people who were living there. The tide relationship was one of harmony between them and the waterways they depended on daily for their livelihoods. This taught her how nature could restore itself after a disaster.

While traveling through Nigeria from the Yoruba kingdoms with their rich oral literature to Fulani nomads crisscrossing Sahel territories with cattle, Amara realized that diversity wasn't solely based on? Watch the complete story in the video below:

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