How To Get 20GB Data By Completing 3MTT Foundational Courses

How To Get 20GB Data By Completing 3MTT Foundational Courses

In today's Latest 3mtt Nigeria news, we will discuss How To Get 20GB of Data By Completing Your 3MTT Foundational Courses. So keep reading!

What are the 3MTT Foundational Courses? The 3MTT Foundational courses are a prerequisite for the 3MTT Programme. If you complete all Mandatory courses and a Career Essential in your chosen track, you can be fast-tracked to the next 3MTT cohort.

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Given the above, the 3MTT Nigeria management is partnering with MTN Nigeria to offer a 20GB MTN Data bundle and LinkedIn Premium Scholarships to the first 2,000 fellows who have completed their foundational courses so far? So go complete your foundation courses and claim your prize. And how can you do that?

How to complete your 3MTT Foundational Courses:

1. Go to the 3MTT Nigeria learning portal https://app.3mtt.training/login and login to your dashboard

2. If you are using a computer you will see all options, but if you are using a mobile phone click on the Menu and wait for the options to load.

3. Clock on the Foundational Courses tab from the pop-up options

The list of courses will be displayed for you to begin learning. Watch the videos in each course and take an assessment afterward to complete your courses.

Make sure to fill out the form in this link https://forms.gle/cuLxbH6CFBjHcoYTA after completing your introductory courses to be eligible for the next cohort.

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