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  1. Pls sir I did d physical verification but sir I have not been ableto do my update old help me out sir.
    Sanni Abdulrasaq O.
    Yobe Npower teaching

    1. Good evnin sir I having rigistered on d program but i did no see any msg from u

  2. Good day sir, please I want to know the fate of those beneficiaries who are yet to receive their stipends right from August till date. What might be the problem and when are we going to receive it. Thanks. N-Agro Yola-North. Adamawa state

  3. Good day sir, pls I want to know if there is any news about N Tech hardware, because since last year November we haven't receive our stipend. Thanks.

  4. Good afternoon Trainer, Sir,I have a challenge in submission of my final view form.have been in the farm since morning, at the end of everything I couldn't able to submit my form.I don't want my effort be in vain.please I need your help.Thanks what is coming up is invalid username or password for server.

  5. Good Evening Sir, I have a challenge in submission of my BVN and some other requirement i try to validate but it saying "something went wrong, pls try again" whats is the problem sir is the portal having network problem or what we don't know. Thanks

    1. We are yet to see our physical verification venue massage what happened or we are not selected again we should know our faith b/c npower are silent for dat

  6. Good day sir,
    My payroll says 'no payment data available' and was previously an N-tech hardware posted to a training camp but they later change it N-build housekeeping. My changed from beneficiary to applicant and my payroll says 'no payment data available. Pls what is my fate. Can I get paid?


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