An Npower Beneficiary From Ebonyi State need your Response On a Serious Matter

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Please i wish to know if what is happening in Npower Ebonyi State is also happening in all the States. First we were been asked to pay #1500 for verification in December 2016 and we paid.

Last 3weeks, we were asked to pay #500 for digitization so that we can be able to received our February Stipends of which we paid. Today, 06/03/2017, we are been asked to pay #300 for February clearance and that this #300 will now be paid monthly and that it might increase any day.

We were been told that if we refuses to pay the money that our PPA will not be uploaded on the Npower Website and that they well be no stipend for us. Please, i need your response to know if this is also happening in other States, because this money we are paying is too much.

Cry of a confuse Volunteer from Ebonyi State that need your suggestions.

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