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Selection is at the function of the system, and as such, if you are asked to select your device as you login your NPVN dashboard, you can do that. Again if you have received message in your mail box telling you to login npvn for the selection, you can also do that. It is a guess idea that the unpaid volunteers may not be permitted to select device since too many of the unpaid persons are complaining of their inability to select the said device, and as such, people then concluded that if you are not being paid, you will not access to device selection.

My dear it has not been controversially stated to be so, yours may be different. However if you find it difficulty selecting device, and your npvn profile fields are correctly filled and accepted, I will advise you to hold on patiently, you will be paid and you will also be able to select your device.

It just a matter of time. They are aware of your problem and you are not the only one in that shoe, Pls ensure all the instructions given for the unpaid persons to follow are said and done by you. Thnks.

Note: pre-sensus/statistic immunization data collection is ongoing in Yenagoa, Bylsa. We love you all. From "HEALTH NPVN INFO (BYLSA)"

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