Friday, April 7, 2017

These Are What Can Delay Your Stipends As An Npower Beneficiary

These are what can delay your stipends as an Npower beneficiaries so check your profile to be sure that your npvn, account name and BVN names are correct... 

If you use two names all must be two names and if they are three, all must be three. The names must be correctly spelt and written In all three areas, your date of birth on npvn must be showing and must correspond with the one on your BVN... 

Nothing more than 36years old, the infos on your account at the bank must correspond with the ones supplied on npvn...the account name and number, complete and correct Lastly, there are infos that must be there on your npvn... Must not be blank... 

Your date of birth,  Your bank name e.g GTbank Your bank account names BVN must be written correctly

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