What You Need To Do To Correct Mistakes On ‎Your NPVN ‎Profile

If you have not been paid since the inception of npower  Or one or two months is still yet to be paid follow the instructions below to rectify your issues:

* Go to your npvn page and click on get help, You'll see support email address there.
* Send a mail to it about your complaints
* Make sure you include your full name and phone number and attach/upload supporting documents such as ID card, marriage certificate n change of name, affidavit and the likes along with it
* Tell them what they should help you correct on your page Ranging from names on npvn, account name and number as well as BVN and date of birth
Make sure you Mail them between 9am and 3pm and they'll reply you immediately
* Do this quick and your money will be paid

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