N-Power update- Only for Those Who Have Not Receive Any Stipend

Advice shared by Festus Clement Oluwasegun on NPOWER DISCUSSION GROUP

N.B...only for those not yet paid for the first time and they have only two names alone But have checked everything and no error anywhere on their profile or bank details I just found out that those with only two names are having problems with their pay because their BVN isn't matching.

It's always written as... E. G First name: Adewale Middle name: missing Last name: Raphael When npower intends to pay, the system is programmed to read all characters in the BVN and so everyone with two names seems to have an automatic "missing" as their middle name, hence... No pay for most My advice... Approach your bank to remove the "missing" as your middle name and just leave the space blank I might be wrong though... But someone who did has been paid!!!

As for the numbers calling people under the guise of npower officials and asking for personal and bank details.. I'll advice we thread softly...you can answer their questions truthfully but let's watch out for any fraud that might arise from there.. Your BVN and account details can't be used to defraud you... Only your four digit ATM pin, your last 3digit OTP at the back of your ATM and your token.

Those three should be guided and guarded jealously. Under no circumstances should you disclose or divulge it to anyone. Not even your......................!!!

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