Open Letter To Vice President By An Npower Applicant

Bodmas Abu Hammad Hadejia shared on NPOWER DISCUSSION GROUP

To The Acting President and Chairman of N-Power Program, Prof Yemi Osibanjo, on The Issue of N-Power Batch-B

Excellency sir,
With a troubled heart, pain and confusion I am writing this letter to you sir. As a matter of fact, this is not my first letter to you but I believe most have been aborted halfway.

Sir, to be sincere with you, nothing less than one hundred and fifty thousand(150,000) shortlisted applicants for the first batch of N-Power program and nothing less than two hundred thousand homes across the nation have been positively affected with the program(especially the poor unemployed and hopeless graduates)....To this gesture towards the poor masses, we say a big “thank you" sir.

Sir, I will also like to laud your efforts and to appreciate so many promises this government led by President Muhammad Buhari has been fulfilling since inception(such is rare in many democratic settings)
Excellency sir, I will like to use this medium and opportunity to call your attention to one of these promises which is giving thousands of unemployed graduates sleepless nights, THE ISSUE OF N-BUILD or N-POWER BATCH-B.

Precisely in December 16, 2016, it should be recalled that it was posted on the N-Power portal that the names for successful applicants for N-Build or other N-Power programs (this was tagged N-Power Batch B) will be released and this information has been kept in our hearts, thereby raising the hope of getting a job and even, eventually becoming an entrepreneur, by a common man in the Nigerian streets.

Recently, I read in one of our dailies that the portal will soon be re-opened for registration for N-Power Batch-B. I asked myself “what happened to N-Power database that contains the names of the “true batch B" applicants? My curiosity made me to come online where I was able to gather more information that the site will be re-opened for fresh applicants tagged as batch-B on the 13th of June, 2017.

This information saddened my heart because I felt that government and N-Power handlers must have forgotten us but I cannot lost faith because I know the caliber of man you are. You are man of integrity, loved by Nigerians(old and young), you will strive hard to fulfill your promise as made concerning the release of names for the 2nd batch(N-Build and the rest).

Excellency sir, it will be a trauma and heartbreak to thousands and even millions of homes in Nigeria that are depending on the outcome of the “TRUE 2ND BATCH" if the promise is not fulfilled. Especially, we that have been waiting earnestly and praying without ceasing for the success of this current government.

We will feel deceived, cheated and deprived if the handlers of the program fails to release our names and fulfill all the promises attached to it because we spent money in cyber cafes for registration and aptitude tests just like others.

Before I round off this letter, I am appealing to his Excellency sir, professor Yemi Osibanjo to order the immediate release of the successful names for the 2nd batch of N-Power without tampering, shifting or changing the stipulated day announced for the re-opening of portal for the 2nd phase of the program for applicants who have not applied before.
God bless Nigeria.

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