Wednesday, June 21, 2017

How to check your voters card status

2019 is around the corner and I believe most Npower volunteers has no voters card or do not know their voters card status.

New voters card registration is ongoing nationwide at some designated inec registration center in Nigeria. If you have not registered yet endeavour to do so.

However, you can check your voters status by visiting the inec website page by entering your details in the form on the above inec page link.

You can also check your voters status by sending an sms with your state last name, voter identification number (VIN) to any of the number below:
Using the following format: State, last name, VIN. eg. Kogi, Osinbajo, 10877. You should receive a response within 15 minutes

Please note that text message are charged at the local network rate.

So go check your voters card status now to see if you are on inec register and if you are not, register for new one. 

Npower volunteers need to decide who govern us 2019

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