Npower Selection Test 2017 ( A Case Study of 2016 Kaduna Npower Interview)

The process of selecting Npower applicants into  the various  program of  the federal government  social investment programme in kaduna  State  is different from the selection procedure in other states in Nigeria.

In 2016 all shortlisted Npower applicants wrote a test before the final selection was done  and then  they were deployed  to their various state of residence to serve under the control and organization of
their various state government.

However, the kaduna Npower candidates were subjected to write a 100 questions attitude test again by the state government in order to identify the appropriate  program each candidate fit in.

The Aptitude test was  about 100 questions  comprises of English, mathematics and  questions from applicants  selected programme (N-agro, N-health and N-teach) and the pass Mark was set at 50, any applicants that applied for N-health and  N-teach that score below 50 were moved to N-agro.

The process of the 2017 selection of kaduna state NPower  Applicants  I believe will not be different from the 2016 selection procedure. So therefore my suggestions to all Npower 2017 registered applicants residing in Kaduna is to get ready to write a 100 aptitude test questions.

The aptitude test Questions are Graduate Measurement Aptitude Test (GMAT) such as:

1. Numeric aptitude test 
2. Data interpretation 
3. Verbal aptitude test
4. Sentence correction 
5. Critical reasoning
6. Reading comprehension
7. Abstract reasoning and 
8. selected program related questions.

So if you applied for 2017 NPower and you reside in kaduna then start preparing for the test.

Good Luck

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