5 Important Things To Note While Writing N-power Test

The N-Power Assessment test is not different from other online interview test where applicants are invited to use their device either a smartphone or computer to write the test from the comfort of their homes.

N-Power online test has advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that the test is just like an open test, no supervisors while the disadvantage is that you can easily fail if not properly prepared for the tests in terms of device use and your network condition.

For those who are not familiar with online test, the 5 important things stated below will guide you while writing the test.

  • Time
  • Attempt
  • Device use
  • Network
  • Chances

1. Time: Keep your eyes on the time set for you to complete your test on the computer so that you can successfully submit your test before the time elapses

2. Attempt: Remember that the test is two attempt, there is no going back or second chance once you click the submit button

3. Device use: use a reliable device to write the test, preferable a device that you can see everything clearly.

4. Network: Use a strong data network to avoid stories that hots. Sometimes network can be so frustrating.

5. Chances: do not take chances, make sure you avoid everything possible that will hinder you from succeeding in the test. If possible surround your self with bright head for assistance.

Few hours after submitting your test, you will receive a congratulatory SMS from N-Power that you have now been N-powered. However do not panic if you did not receive any SMS after concluding your test, you are safe.

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  1. Pleased!
    Sir, I have wrote the test since on 1st/07/17, but you that after submitting there are some message from Npower saying that, congratulations u have been empowerd"
    But to me I didn't see any message since that I finished the test.
    So, what is the wrong?
    Or should I attempt the question again.
    Thanks in advance.


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