N-Power Assessment Test Timetable (Soft Copy)

N-Power Assessment Test Timetable (Soft Copy)

N-Tax- July 1st to July 3rd
N-Health- July 4th to July 6th
N-Agro- July 7th to July 10th
N-Teach- July 11th to July 21st

According to N-power only those whose BVN records match their application will be invited to write the tests at www.npower.gov.ng and invitation is by SMS

The Assessment test is written in batches in the order below:


July 1st:  N-Power Tax-   Q,Z,V,W,R,H,Y,P,L,F,G, K and F

July 2nd: N-Power Tax -  D,J,C,B,N,U,S, M and I

July 3rd: N-Power Tax -  E, O and A

July 4th: N-Power Health -  I,E.S,U,N,B,C,J, D and G

July 5th: N-Power Health-  T,K,Y,H,F,L,R,P,N,V,Z,Q and X

July 6th: N-Power Health- M,O, and A
July 7th: N-Power Agro- A and M

July 8th: N-Power Agro- I,E and O

July 9th: N-Power Agro- S,U,N,B,J,C and D
July 10th: N-Power Agro- T,K,G,Y,H,F,L,P,R,W,V and Z

July 11th: N-Power teach- H,F,L,R,P,W,V,Z,Q and X

July 12th: N-Power teach- G,K and Y

July 13th: N-Power teach- D,C, and T
July 14th: N-Power teach- J and N

July 15th: N-Power teach- B and U

July 16th: N-Power teach- E

July 17th: N-Power teach- O

July 18th: N-Power teach- I

July 19th: N-Power teach- M

July 20th: N-Power teach- S

July 21st: N-Power teach- A

July 25th to 31st will be test date for Applicants who register 1st July to 13th. Details to be confirmed ahead of time

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