Device Update- When You See This Changes On Your NPVN Profile Do Not Panic

Some Existing N-Power Volunteers login into their NPVN account and observed that changes has been made in their account because the device they selected earlier have been change to Afrione N-Power Tab.

When you login and see such changes on your profile do not panic, N-power is trying to make sure that you get your device in time.
Below is the text message sent to existing volunteers under batch B device collection who selected Speedstar and Tecno:

Deear Volunteers,

Unfortunately, the device you have selected is no longer available. In order to include you in Batch B of Device orders which cut off on the 4th of August, 2017, the following N-Power learning device ( Samsung Tab E, Afrione, RLG has been selected for you.

Stay N-Powered

That is the information some Vunteer received yesterday

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