N-Power Teach Assessment Test Instructions (Must Read)

All N-Teach applicants should read this important instructions. Its No longer news that N-Teach assessment test start today 9th of August.

If at the time of the application, you stated that you have any of the stem related skills, you will be required to do an additional skill evaluation test after the N-Power Teach Assessment.

Please read the instruction below carefully N-Teach Assessment has 3 stages

  • N-Power Teach Assessment
  • N-Power Teach Device Selection
  • N-Power Teach Skill and Experience Evaluation

According to N-Power, when you login, some of you may be able to write your test immediately, while some others will be schedule to write their test at the future date and time 

For Some others, you wont be able to login or you will see the term "Invalid" because your BVN records don't match your application and your application journey has come to an end finally.

Remember for those who ticked certain competency skills when you applied   for N-Power teach, you will require to take a second test, a stem test so do not skip that part, make sure you attempt all questions as instructed by N-Power.

Best of Luck

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