How N-Power Volunteers Can Make Real Money Through Poultry Farming This Session

I want to use this opportunity to share my experience with you guys. Do you know that during this period every year many Nigerians make real money through Poultry farming?

Well if you don't know now read carefully my explanations on how you can start a poultry farm this session. The session in which poultry farmers make real money is here again, every September towards October and November many Nigerians earn real cash through poultry farming. I Know you might be thinking in your mind right now on how this works? Poultry birds are hot cakes this period because most household in Nigeria rear chicken for Christmas so the demand for poultry animals are high at this period.

N-Power Beneficiaries can benefit from this opportunities by following the process listed below:
  1. Before you start, do a market survey to find out marketers who will be interested in buying the birds from you when they are matured and ready to disposal
  2. Get a little space at your back yard, clean it up
  3. Order for day old chicks and rear them for 2weeks and sales to Marketers.
  4. Your one month N-Power stipend can actually help you achieve this. If you need more information or guide on how to achieve this contact me using the comment box.

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