How To Check Applicant Or Student Participant Role On N-Power Dashboard (Must Read)

This information is only for the 2017 applicants. Some participants checked their N-Power profile dashboard and discover that their participant Role was named with either Applicant or Student title.There is no cause for alarm, as long as you wrote and submitted your assessment test successfully.

Student or applicant participant Role title on your profile wont determine your stand in the programme only N-Power can tell the exact definition of the title.

In 2016 assessment process the same thing happen, both applicants with the role title student or applicant end up been selected at the end. So there is no need to panic or disturb.

In case you still want to check whether your N-Power profile dashboard carries this student or applicant title, simply follow the steps below to check your status:
  1. Go to: www.npower.gov.ng
  2. Click on the Test button
  3. Select your Programme and login to your dashboard
  4. Click on profile
  5. Under Course details/Course profile, click the (Click here to start-N-Power Teach Assessment) below it and it will display your participant status under Role
NOTE: that your ability to see this depend on when you wrote your assessment test. Those applicant that wrote earlier like the N-TAX, N-HEALTH, N-AGRO and some N-TEACH participant will see it displayed.

However do not panic if you did not see yours it will show later.

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