#NDGsupportIDPScampaign Coordinators And Members Instructions

Please read the Coordinators And Members Instructions carefully, they are there to guide you.
  1. Member selected to over see the affairs of the campaign are advice to create awareness about the campaign on our Facebook Group Npower Discussion Group to encourage more Volunteers to join the campaign and support IDPS.
  2. Using the hash tag #NDGsupportIDPScampaign to defraud others is against the rules of this initiative, Members found doing that shall face consequences.
  3. Note that all donation to help the IDPS shall be discuss in on our Whatsapp Group before it is executed.
  4. If you have any complains and needed clarification contact the Admin privately.
  5. Note that this campaign Initiative was created by Npower volunteers as a result of the #ItTakesAVillage hash tag and the passion some of us has to assist victims of crisis.
  6. It does not mean whether you are existing beneficiaries or 2017 applicant all of you are welcome to champion this campaign.
  7. Been selected among the 5 persons in your state to coordinate affairs does not make you superior than other members the difference is that you are selected to deliver materials when the need arises in your state as discuss and agreed in our whatsapp group.
  8. We Shall Create Wallet named after the campaign for Donation which will be use to purchase materials for the IDPs and the needy in our little way.
  9. If you wish to visit any IDPS or homeless homes on your own don't forget to carry a placard with our campaign hash tag #NDGsupportIDPScampaign
  10. Remember that as a member you are free to suggest better ways to move the campaign forward
You can still join the campaign simply click here to join the discussion on whatsapp

Best Regard.

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