DSTV Leaves Eight Good Channels For Free (Wonder Shall Never End)

Wonder they said shall never end! So today I woke up expecting DSTV  to cut off my subscription because its expired yesterday,  but to my greatest surprise eight (8) good channels was still left for me till this moment. This has never happened before.

These channels were supposed to be free to air channels but we have never enjoyed it for free before. You will have to pay to watch them.

At first I thought it was a free week channels opening as they normally do sometime for their customers, then I remembered that my subscription has ended so that can not be possible.

However, I believe this kind gestures from DSTV is as a result of healthy competition because few days ago, we heard that a new cable network company is about to be launched in Nigeria on the 1st of October and the will be operating on pay as you go subscription plan.

Well if that is the case then healthy competition between companies should be encourage in Nigeria so that Nigerians will start enjoying better services from all these foreign companies that thinks they can take us for a ride begin to take us seriously and treat us better.

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