N-Tax Telephone Interview Conducted Between An Applicant And N-Power Official (Must Read)

Good morning my dear esteemed N-Power Tax applicants. I just received a phone called from N-Power Tax official. Take a look at our conversion:

Official: Hello good morning, I'm from N-Power Tax, I'm I speaking with Mr Mohammad Bawa Aisami?
Me: yes of course

Official: How old are you?
Me: I'm 27

Official: Do you have your NYSC certificate?
Me: Yes

Official: you applied for N-Power Tax, right?
Me: Yes

Official: Can you tell me what Tax is?
Me: Yes of course. A Taxation is a compulsory levy imposed by Government............

Before I would finished, the official stopped me and ask: will you be available for 5 days training in Abuja?
Me: Yes of course

Official: OK I will send you the details to your mail. Thank you and have a nice day. The conversion only lasted for 45 seconds.

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  1. Admin most of our people av not receive any call on N-Tax


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