Who Is Qualified Between 2016 & 2017 N-Power Volunteers For Device Collection (Find Out Here)

Some N-Power Volunteers are confused and needed to be clarified about the ongoing device distribution in the sense that they keep on asking questions on who is qualified for device collection between 2016 and 2017 Volunteers.

The fact is that N-Power has done great by updating volunteers on issues of device collection and all volunteers by now should know who is qualified to collect device at this time.

However for the seek of those who dont know and keep asking questions for answers, below is the actual facts.

Those who are qualified for Device collection at this moment are first batch of 2016 N-Power beneficiaries who selected device and fall under batch A of device collection. Those who fall under batch B on device collection will begin device collection after N-Power are done with batch A device collection. So there is no point to ask about where to collect your device if you are 2017 applicant at this period.

All 2017 applicant should please note that they have not been selected yet so they are not qualified for device collection at the moment. Those who are eligible for device collection at the moment are 2016 beneficiaries that fall under batch A device collection followed by Batch B device collection who are on stand by.

So we call on all volunteers to avoid overcrowding device collection venue in all locations to avoid storm and thereby creating a Conducive atmosphere for officials who are distributing the device do there job perfectly.


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