Apply For Andela Learning Community (ALC) Nigeria And Kenya Only

We founded Andela in 2014 to build a network of technology leaders on the African continent and bridge the divide between the US and African tech sectors. Leveraging a proven, data - driven approach, we build high performing engineering teams with Africans top developers to help companies overcome the tech talent shortage and build better product faster.

In the next 10years there will be 1.3m software development Jobs created and only 400,000 domestic computer science graduate to fill the African mean while, is home to the largest untapped talent pool and seven of the fastest growing Internet populations in the world.

Nigeria and Kenya call application: Andela learning community (ALC) 2.0 powered by Google.

Interested applicants from Nigeria can  click here to apply

Kenya applicants can click here to apply.

Application scheduled: October 21st.

Application due November 5th

Assessment test due November 25th.

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