How Families Celebrate Christmas In Nigeria

Christmas in Nigeria is an occasion that is been celebrated in style by many families. it is a time when lots of family members from different location ( village, or other side of the States) come together to celebrate the season of Christmas.

The Eve of Christmas is one best moment when members of the family put hands together to prepare the best for their loved ones who are coming to join them for the celebration and also friends around.

Children also takes part in preparation for the event by beautifying their hair either through plaiting or fixing of hair and also assisting in some domestic work. They also play with fire crackers as part of the celebration and also to signify the sign of Christmas.

In some cases, Homes and streets are often decorated with beautify art work, like artificial Christmas trees, Christmas lights and some homes plays different kind of music to celebrate  the special occasion that happens once yearly to showcase the love they have for Christmas.

Different families prepared different varieties of traditional meal during christmas celebration such as:

* Preparing of beef, chicken, goat
* Making of chin- chin and cakes.
* Preparing of soft drinks and cooking of rice in different varieties such as: fried rice, Joloof rice, white rice with different source of stew and vegetable salad.

Churches choir may visit their church members or congregation in their homes to sing different Christmas carols song to them.

While some families go to church on Eve night to celebrate in the preparation of the birth of our lord, some stay at home to prepare for Christmas.

On the day of Christmas, most families sends Christmas card to friends and families members including food as a symbol of love and peace which the season signify.

Parents dressed their Children in new outfit to see Santa clause, some take their family to attend event such as  get together party, going to eateries to celebrate, while some celebrate at home to welcome loved ones who comes for visit.

This is how families celebrate Christmas in Nigeria.

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