Message From Speedstar Family To NPower Officials

Shared on Npower Discussion Group by a beneficiary

Many days has gone and we the NPower Beneficiaries who selected Speed star electronic device have nothing  to show for it in terms of device collection, even though few of us choose the device compared to other beneficiaries who choose device like Tecno, Afri-one and others.

Other device selected by beneficiaries are been distributed in various State right now, but we that selected Speed star are still in the dark. (We don't know why)

Unbehalf of the Speedstar family, we wants to appeal to NPower through this medium to please make Speed star electronic device available for distribution or allow us to reselect other available device if Speedstar is not ready. So that we can join other beneficiaries to start using the device for learning and working. (No time)

Let's see Speedstar family in action collecting their devices at least Speedstar should not be the last to be preloaded.

Best Regards


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  1. Enter your comment...I am one of the speed star family, this delay is getting out of hand. kindly do something about the collection.


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