BBNaija: See Why Haters Should Stop Judging Alex And Vote For Her

You call her immature, you say she's irritating, you call her lazy, you say she’s too Emotional, you complain she cries a lot then you JUDGE HERll

YES, her parents are not financially strong which u all don't know is one of the reasons she’s in the house, she has gone through a lot growing up as a teen. Having friends is a normal thing for Alex but when it comes to love she seems not to be favored, majority of them promise to stay but end up breaking her heart, while some try but it doesn't last but she is a strong woman and moving on is a priority so life goes on.

Money can buy a lot of things but there are special virtues that money cant buy, most especially money can't buy FEELINGS or EMOTIONS. Alex made known her feelings towards a housemate in the house and unlucky for her it wasn't reciprocated, her emotions got the best of her to the extent that she forgot why she was in the game, then the day came when the person had to leave and then everyone saw Alex cry her eyes out, that's ALEX BEING REAL.

Why do people post some of these negative comments or feedback ? Some say, to understand the actual perception of Alex by people and also in understanding where she stands in the public eye and how we can work on making her weakness her strength. looking at Alex and her love torn heart. We get the true picture of what it means to love selflessly and placing your love interest above all else. I mean, is this not the kind of fairy love most of us search for? Millions of Nigerians can relate, they just need someone to tell them. To remind them.

This is what it means to love like innocently. The love of a child. The honesty not tainted by her earthly experiences. Will her heart get broken? Yes. Likely. It still doesn't make her the evil one. It makes her the victim of a cruel world.

Lets work to keep her in the house, let's also work towards changing perceptions uniformly. LETS KEEP ALEX IN THE HOUSE.

SMS: Vote Alex to 32052 to Dave Alex from possible eviction this week.

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