2019Election: You Have The Right To Vote & Be Voted For (Go Get Your PVC)

Npower is encouraging its Volunteers to please go and collect their PVC because they have a right to vote and be voted for come 2019 general election.

According to Npower, while you are at it, please encourage your immediate community to get their PVC as well.

However, Npower discussion group opinion is that most at times NIGERIANS,  don't do what they need to do until a *Deadline* has been fixed. Don't procrastinate, get your  PVC and implore all youths to please get their PVC because this is our POWER & our POWER is our VOTE.

The General election will not be conducted on the SOCIAL MEDIA in which we've been very active. We need to be proactive now! Please, go to your local government or any designated centers to get your PVC today. We can not make any difference without our PVC.

We want a positive & peaceful revolutionary movement come 2019 but without our PVC, we can't vote for anyone.

#ThePVCTask #NPowerNG

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