Announcement: We Call On All NPower Beneficiaries To Read This (Senator Danjuma Goje Need Our Response)

The senator that claimed that he has not seen anybody benefiting from NPower in his state has shared a public tweet on his twitter handle asking those who has benefited from Npower proof to him that Npower is not a scam. According to the senator, I will be looking forward to read your comments to proof to me that it's not a scam. I want to know if it's real and if you benefited or if you are benefiting for the N-power.

As a result of that we have called on all NPower beneficiaries to as a matter of urgency make their way to the Gombe State Senator (Danjuma Goje) Twitter handle and storm him with comment to fix him right.

Simply click his name on the link below to go to his twitter handle direct:

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  1. The honorable Senator with due respect, we npower beneficiaries doesn't expect you to make such comment. Most of us have benefited from this program especially skills needed for employability. We want you to withdraw your statement back and go back to constituency to see the impact and the achievement made so far by this wonderful Social Investment's especially the Npower.

  2. 2017 still waiting to benefit from the npower

  3. 2017 still waiting to benefit from the npower

  4. With due respect sir,Npower is real and I am a beneficiary.

  5. Me I have worked now for the past six months now I only received one months salary is that one benefit


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