What You Need Know About The Rumored Sure-p Registration

We have received so many messages from members of our discussion group asking whether the rumored sure-p registration information circulating the internet is true. So we decided to research in order to ascertain the authenticity of the information.

Our finding shows that there is actually a link online directing applicants to register for sure-p but we are not certain if the site is genuine. The site seems to be a scam site trying to get applicants personal information.

Sure-p is an empowerment programme of the PDP Government. The programme was initiated in 2011 during Goodluck Ebere Jonathan regime and the programme has ended immediately the new government came to power.

The rumored sure-p registration site has no about page, contact page and no description and the link is suspicious. If actually the registration is true, the Federal Government will make it public through advert for applicants to apply but as it is at the moment there are no such advert.

The New government has since replaced Sure-p with N-Power and if actually they are having plan to reopen Sure-p, they will make a public announcement to Nigerians.

Note that proper FG job creation website always come with .gov.ng web address anything other than that should be carefully analyse.

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