Four Npower Beneficiaries Disqualified And Expelled For Serial Offenses - Bauchi SIPs

In compliance to the National directives, the State Office of the Social Investment Programmes has moved against 4 Npower beneficiaries whom were found culpable for duplications running up of two N-power programs at the same time.

Given a succinct background during the committee sitting, the State Focal Person SIPs and NGOs, Mansur Manu Soro who was represented by the N-power state coordinator Muhammad Sani Musa said " we have received a report from our National Office stating that 4 Npower beneficiaries in Bauchi State have feloniously enrolled into both Npower main graduate and Npower build hence the setting up of this committee to investigate and acted upon decisively, so as to serve as deterrent to others".

The persons involved are two men and two women and they were summoned to answer questions from the committee. They are: Abdulkarim Adamu Npower main Graduate/ Npower Build specializing in Masonry, Mamman Nasir Npower main Graduate/ Npower Build specializing in Painting and Decoration, Maryam Ibrahim Npower main Graduate/ Npower Build specializing in Automobile, as well as Hafsatu Yakubu Npower main Graduate/ Npower Build specializing in Automobile.

However, the committee after painstaking investigation which has resulted to this 4 persons agree that they have violated the rules of the program,the committee had also discovered that part of their offenses is that they have been
using two different bank accounts to each program engaged-in to received an alert which is clearly a rebuttal to the rules of engagement. It has been noticed that some of the affected persons have collected training materials that was lately meant for Npower build trainees and could not be traced in their area of assignment, apart from not been able to report themselves for being enlisted twice in the programme which is an indication of deliberate attempt to perfldious manipulation towards the scheme.

The committee later resolved and approved the disqualification and expulsion of the said 4 beneficiaries from all Npower programs and further asked them to submit and hand over all possessions belonging to the program. While taken this decisions, the committee is upwardly examines various reports that may have lead to go paper tail with a stern legal process for their prosecution.

Recall that recently in Enugu State about sixty persons who had been found culpable in multiple offenses relating to SIPs scheme and who had also been a registered Npower beneficiaries were apprehended and they are undergoing prosecution.

Ibrahim Sani PlO/ Desk Officer, Information Social Investment Programmes Bauchi Sate

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