How He Got A Job Through The Act Of Volunteering For Community Service

He is a young Nigeria graduate with skills but out of job for sometime. So he saw an advert on one of the social media platform about a get together in his community which he pick interest because he was meant to understand that important issues is going to be discussed.

As a member of the community, he discovered that he can be of help during the get together if he decide to volunteer to help provide free service  with is skill. So he called the number on the advert to confirm if he can help to live stream the event on YouTube and other social media platform. The organizers told him they will get back to him on that.

Few days letter he was contacted and invited for the event that is strictly by invitation.

On the day of the event, with a simply gadget he set up and steam live the event on YouTube and Facebook which enable most of the community members in abroad and other part of the country watch the event live. His effort was noticed when he was introduced by the organizers at the end of the event as the person that made it possible for others outside the country to watch the event live.

Luckly one participant from Abuja was imprests with what the guy did and invited him to Abuja to come and see him. On reaching there, he was offered a job with one of the government organization. And he shared his testimony with us.

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