See What A Volunteer Thinks About NPower Permanency Salient

By Prince Ahmad 

Hello fellow Volunteers, it was sad when I heard that guy Afolabi on Facebook live chat saying that there is nothing like permanency.

I believe something good will come from N-power at the end of the program.

One thing many of us here fail to understand is that "N-power officials are too Secretive about their plans" they will never reveal what they want to do for us before the time comes, they will announce to us only when they are fully ready and satisfied. This is to avoid making promises without fulfilling them.

N-power people treat all of their plans as "Confidential " FROM:

1. Device collection.
2. Date of collection,
3. Venue of collection,
4. Names of Volunteers
5. When to announce the names of shortlisted candidates,
6. Date of payment of stipend,
7. When to start posting
8. Their plans at the end of the program etc...

(Hence, they will not reveal all these information to us on the media until the time reaches)


a. Rumors will be widely spread including false information misleading people

b. If N-power should announced that they will permanency us at the end of the program, a lot of us will not go and apply for jobs.

c. N-power want us to get jobs so that the remaining people who could not secure a job, will be offered some opportunities.

d. If N-power should announce that they will start posting by July and something went wrong that make it not happen, we will all start making comments over the media like, what's wrong with this people?, this thing is a scam, etc.

How to overcome this Problems
1. Be patient
2. Pretend as if u there is nothing like permanency.
4. Stop worrying about permanency
5. While you you are service under N-power, You should as much as possible Continue APPLYING FOR JOBS. There is a saying that "be happy with what you have while you pursue what you want."

I am sure N-power have good plans for us just that they will not reveal it for us now. wait until the time reach and see. Because the are aware election is around the corner, and the President who initiated the program is going for a 2nd term. So don't you think that throwing us back will have negative effect on their CAMPAIGN?

So relax my comrades N-power is for the youth, I mean the labour force of the country, they dare not mess up with us. But be patient believe me we are like Eggs in the hands of the FG. I swear

Peace corp is no more believe me N-power is their only option.

May Allah Make our hustle (N-power & others) to yield fruitful result in our dear lives.

What do you think about this guys? Let hear your opinion.

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