How 2017 Preselected Applicants Can Know If They Are Onboarded On The NPVN Portal

At this moment I know some of you already onboard will be having two mind on whether they are onboarded or not. Well you don't have to panic! If you can do the following on the NPVN portal you are onboarded:

1. If you can login to the NPVN portal with your login details then you are onboarded
2. If you have uploaded the necessary things like ID Card, passport required on the NPVN portal then you are onboarded
3. If your NPVN profile information are all updated then you are onboarded
4. Your Npvn profile status will display onboarded or onboard

However, if you are onboarded and has error with some of your information like bank details and  Name, passport and id card upload then you need to fix that urgently before deployment. If not your payment will be delayed and you might end up been replaced with those on the waiting list says Npower.

If you have any correction to make on your profile and you are finding it difficult to fix that, use the format below to contact N-power officials. Kindly send the following details:

  • Fullname (first name, middle name & last name) 
  • Email 
  • Account details (acct name/no & bank name) 
  • BVN 
  • Nature of complaint 
  • LGA/State 
  • House Address 
  • Phone number

And send to: [email protected]

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  1. Please,what does resign from program mean? This is written on my profile page.


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