What Yet Onboarded 2017 Selected Applicants Must Do Before July 20th 2018

My fellow N-power 2017 Selected applicants, if you know you are yet to onboard yourself at the NPVN portal, hurry now and go and activate your dashboard. And if you have onboarded yourself on the portal already, login to confirm that your information are correct.

Don't let what happen in 2016 repeats its self in 2017 biko! Dun-allahi (Those who refused to follow instructions in 2016 payment was delayed because of wrong account details and other things, some of which are having backlog payment now).

If you know your account details are not accurate, go and edit it and make sure you correct it. You have now till Friday to do that.

At this time, you are supposed to keep your npvn profile safe. Keep your login details secret, that I mean do not expose your login detail publicly.

N-power has Posted this update for the 3rd time now! They wrote:


If you are a 2017 applicant and you have NOT onboarded yourself. Log on to the NPVN portal and do so NOW.

If you know anyone who has not on-boarded themselves, tell them do so NOW. The cutoff time is 6pm, Friday.


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