Youth Farm Lab Quick Status Update For Successful And Unsuccessful Applicants

According to the latest update shared by youth farm lab team, the Youth Farm Lab Project embarked upon by the Federal Ministry of Agriculture in partnership with Synergos International is one aimed at training young people aged 18 35 years on livestock farming with the sole aim of empowering them with practical skills for self-reliance.

Here's to provide a quick status update.

Batch 2 Class resumed on July 3, 2018 but prior to this, the screening exercise commenced on Wednesday, June 6, 2018 with a total of 2,653 applicants. We have notified all candidates via email and SMS through the second and third stages of the screening exercise i.e. telephone and physical interviews.

The screening for the third batch of the training has commenced and successful candidates will be notified via SMS and Emails.

Unsuccessful candidates will also be notified accordingly.

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