2016 Npower Volunteers Lament Over Seed Capital Exit Plan By FG

By Mr Apebo Stephen


I salute all the Npower volunteers Nationwide. All the comrades in the house, I salute you. 

My name is Mr. Apebo Stephen lhoughol, an Nteach volunteer, 2016, North-west, Nigeria. 

Before I go into what actually informed me of my posting to this informative group once again today, I would like to ask; 

Do we, Npower volunteers, 2016 have leaders or representatives as liaison officers among us? If we have, who are they and if we don't then, I think that's an error of the highest order and it shouldn't be so. 

Having said that, I would also like to commend the entire Npower team for always getting in tuned with us(volunteers) by reaching out to us via the state focal persons and above all, via or oga at the top in person of Mr. Afolabi. Sir, on behalf of all the Npower volunteers Nationwide, we appreciate your efforts thus far. 

Now, the main issue as captioned in the heading of this article. Fellow volunteers, prior to the conversation Mr. Afolabi had on NTA yesterday as you may know or aware, bothering around Npower, 

especially the issue raised about seed capital for some volunteers with the spirit of entrepreneurship as well as the issue of FG considering exit packages for other volunteers, there has been reactions from many of us especially those of us who listened to the conversation yesterday which is expected.

However, as I read through many of such comments and reactions here, I noticed that some of us were rather trivializing the issue that should call for our serious concern. Npower 2016/2017, which way? It seems that a lot of us don't know what is at stake if the Npower team or FG government comes out with that kind of permutation. If what Mr. Afolabi said yesterday comes to fruition at the end of the day, isn't it an act of marginalization? 

Let's say those volunteers who have the spirit of entrepreneurship are Nbuild, Nagro, Nhealth seemly obvious because these are sectors that are in conformity with setting up a business for instance, workshops, farming, chemists or dispensaries respectively. Now the obvious question is what becomes of Nteach? Or will the Nteach fall under exit packages? Or what if the FG in their permutation consider only one sector say Nhealth or Nbuild or Nagro or Nteach for the seed capital and others for exit packages? 

Therefore, this should call for our collective and serious concern. That for equity and fairness, all of us be considered for that seed capital as well as the exit packages and it shouldn't be selective. There is an Oyibo adage that says, what is good for the goose is also good for the gander. 

Fellow volunteers, we need to be proactive about what is going to likely play out at the end of the day. We need liaison officers among us. We know that either seed capital or whatever packages Npower may have for us is at their own discretion, but let it not be that some people are being selected for the best and others for less or others being sidelined. 

Below is the screen shots of how some of the 2016 Npower beneficiaries are reacting to Mr Afolabi seed capital Statement on Good morning Nigeria tv show on NTA Yesterday the 5th of August 2018.

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  1. I,ajayi James, nteach urge the entire volunteers to plead with FG to absorb them into the civil service, Nigeria is blessed with resources to cater for this volunteers,PMB administration should reason very well because no other APC program is impactful like this Npower


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