See What This Npower Volunteer Uploaded As His Deployment Letter

An Npower Volunteer mistakenly Uploaded image of an event that occur during the last regime when lawmakers were scaling the National Assembly gate on his portal as his deployment letter and now finding it difficult to replace it with his original deployment Letter.

The current political battle between politicians is not only affecting parties, it is also affecting other people who pay so much attention in their daily dealings. Please don't let this politician beclouds your mind. What you should be doing right now is to get your PVC ready and if you don't have one, go register you have only 11 days left.

Voter registration ends 17th August 2018. You can perfectly exercise your right through voting.

We are sharing this so that other beneficiaries can learn and avoid making same mistakes that their colleagues are making. Before you upload your posting letter, please cross check properly.

Please if you know this beneficiary kindly tell him to re-upload the original posting letter and if the portal is not accepting a new upload simply call Npower helpline for assistant. You can get Npower number on their official Facebook page.

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