Qualification For Registration As A Voter In Nigeria

What is Voter Registration?
Voter Registration is the process of identifying citizens eligible to vote in an election and compiling their personal details called Register of Voters.

Methods used for voter registration vary from one country to another. but it is generally agreed that voter registration serves the following purposes:

  • Guarantees and enables all those legally qualified to vote to do so
  • Prevents unqualifieed persons from voting by ensuring that only qualifieded voters are registered
  • Prevents voters from voting more than once at any one election and thus ensures equality of the vote

Qualification for Registration as a Voter

A person shall be qualified for registration if such a person:

(i) is a citizen of Nigeria
(ii) has attained the age of 18 years or above on or before registration day
(ii)is ordinary resident in, works in or originates from the Local Government Area or Registration Area or Ward covered by the registration centre
(iv) is not subject to any legal incapacity to vote under any law, rules or regulations In force in Nigeria;
(v) Presents himself/herself to the Registration Officers for registration as a voter and be able to provide proof of identity, age, and nationality if requested.

Where can a person register?
A person can register only once and at a registration centre designated by the Commission, in the area where he/she:  resides, works in gainful employment or originates from (i.e an indigene)

You can visit INEC website to check for registration centers in your location.

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