2016 Npower December Stipends Payment Update - Must Read

2016 Npower beneficiaries why panicking when you know that you will surely get paid your December stipends. Just because your 2017 colleagues received December stipends before you does not mean that you will not be paid.

You all are awere that Mr Afolabi have asked the 2016 beneficiaries to continue going to their PPA while they continue receiving their stipends. So why panicking? Pls Calm down you will all get paid. Comports yourselves and stop making statements that will make you look as if you have not learned anything for the two years you have served.

Npower have taught you the act of patient, this is the time you should put it to work. I believe that the enhancement scheme for the 2016 beneficiaries is something that we should all look towards and hope that it should become opportunity that will change our situations permanently.

Please be patient, Npower will equally pay you your December stipends.


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  1. Please,when are we going to be paid our December stipend, most of us do the Christmas in panic and unhappy mind because there is no money, so am begging u, npower organizers don't let our new year be like that of the Christmas please, pay us very soon


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