How Unsolicited Resignation Npower Volunteers Can Appeal For Reinstatement

Few days ago some Npower beneficiaries woke up to discover that they have resigned voluntary from the schemethrough the Npower dashboard which they actually never solicited for. Zamfara State alone has nothing less than 40 cases of such act, according to complaints.

However, if you did not violate any Npower law and did not solicit for resignation but were resigned anyway, we have compiled this information to help you appeal to get back the position you have lost.

Write an application letter of appeal for reinstatement of wrong resignation. Address the letter to Npower volunteer network (NPVN) Abuja through he focal person of social investment programme in your State.

See sample of how your letter should look like below:

Make sure you do not copy what is in the letter directly, change some of the writeup in the sample letter above to suit your complaint and submit it to your State focal person. Don't forget to also forward copy to Npower support email: [email protected]

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