An NPower Volunteer Selected By US Dept Of State For A Year Leadership Course In America

An N-Power Volunteer Selected By U.S. Dept. Of State For a Year Leadership Course in Mary Lynn and Warren Staley School of Leadership Studies, Kansas State University. And he took to his twitter handle to share his experience. He wrote:

I am excited to be selected by The U.S. Dept of States as one of the 56 MWF fellows from Nigeria on a short course in the US. The contribution of my @npower_ng Agro voluntary work cannot be overemphasizes in d selection process. Hard work, Commitment and Determination truly pays

Sipasi O. Ayodele is 2017 Fellow, CEO of ProtectOzone Sustainable Livelihood Initiative  an organization which is Dedicated to improving the livelihood of the indigents through Sustainable Agricultural Practice & Smart City Agriculture reusing household wastes to produce food 

He was invited by U.S. Embassy Abuja to facilitate a YALILEARN course: "AGRIPRENURESHIP" path way to the future' at the U.S. Consulate General, Lagos on the 10th of June, 2019.  According him "To grow our agricultural sector, we must have all hands on deck. The government, private sector, NGO's, farmers, business development experts to mention but a few have a role to play. (When) we have a strong partnership with these institutions, we can then fight extreme poverty and hunger while improving the livelihood of indigent citizens."

He also said YES! I am an Npower Agro Volunteer, I compete excellently with colleagues globally. Many Thanks to the U.S. Government for the opportunity to be on this short course in the US. I am grateful! Thanks to @AsoRock and @ProOsinbajo for the gift of the Social Investment Program

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